No! Each Speed 88 Laundry bag can hold approximately 25-30 pounds of clothing. You can pack your bag as full as you’d like.
For local residents or businesses- Whenever you sign up!
For students- The second week of each quarter and Pick up and delivery will be at the same time each week from 9-10 and from 3-4, Mondays-Fridays.  However, if the quarter has already started and you haven’t signed up yet, no worries.  Speed 88 to the rescue!  Contact us direct, info@speed88delivery.com and we will work out an arrangement that meets your needs.
Pickup and delivery will be at the same time each week.  Upon registration, you will have the opportunity to select which regular time and day works best for you.
After registration, When we come to pick up your clothes the first time, your clothes will be delivered back in our bag, or you can pick it up at 24/7 Laundry located at 413 West Alabama Avenue, Ruston, LA.